Why is there a war in Ukraine?

Did you know that Russia once tried to invade Finland and could not do it for almost 3 months? Did you know that Russia and Hitler invaded Poland together after they made a deal on how they would divide Europe between them? Did you know that Russia is not even among the 10 biggest economies … Read more

Who is responsible for what we eat today?

The food we eat today is not the same we ate 1.000 years ago – not even 100 years or 20 years ago. Carrots were not orange until the 17th century. Oranges were never orange!  And they still are not orange in their countries of origin – they stay green, always. They only turn orange … Read more

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The History of BBQ: How It All Started

Egypt Picture - Early BBQ Scene

Barbecue was not invented in America. Humans did not even invent it. At least not the humans that live on Earth now. Homo Erectus invented it (I can hear you giggling, Paul), a proto — human that lived on earth even before the Neanderthals. And it’s after the Neanderthals that the first Homo sapiens (us) … Read more